TOP 10 Best Electronic Whistles 2022

TOP 10 Best Electronic Whistles 2022

Electronic whistles are mostly designed for referees. They whistle louder than a normal whistle, by just pressing a button. No mouth contact is needed. Different tones and additional features. Easy to carry and recharge. Check below our selection of the top 10 best electronic whistles on the market right now.

Best Electronic Whistles

Yukee Electronic Whistle for Teacher Coach Referee, 3 Tone Electronic Whistles with Lanyard Handheld Electric Whistle Emergency Whistle High Volume Volleyball Soccer Sports Whistle
  • Choose between red, black and yellow color
  • Select between 3 different tones, depending on your needs
  • Comes with batteries
  • Made out of quality ABS plastic
  • Comes with a black bag and a lanyard for easy carry
  • Doesn’t need mouth contact to function

GOALSET 2 Pack Electronic Whistle with Lanyard, High Loud Three Sound Effects Safe and Hygienic for Referee Coaches, P.E. Teacher,Training,Outdoor Camping,Hiking,Self Defense Emergency 125db
  • Choose between yellow or black color
  • Doesn’t need mouth contact, ideal if you are wearing a mask
  • 3 different tones for better adaption to different scenarios
  • Comes as a two-pack, one for use and one to have as a backup
  • You get 2 lanyards and 2 pouches for easy carry
  • Batteries are included
  • Way louder than a normal whistle

  • DUUDO Electronic Whistle 130-161dB High Volume Loud Electric Whistle with Lanyard for Referee Coaches P.E. Teacher Marine Police Outdoor Camping Self Defense Emergency Whistle (Orange & Black)
  • Choose between a 1 or 2 pack, black or yellow color
  • No mouth contact is needed
  • Select from 3 different volume levels
  • Comes with a long lanyard
  • Made from quality ABS plastic

  • Fox 40 3 Tone Electronic Whistle 100 dB 9 Volts Red 8616-1908
  • No mouth contact needed
  • Very loud whistle, adapt with 3 different tones
  • Comes with a lanyard and a 9-volt battery
  • Designed for referees, to scare of predatory animals, etc…

  • DR CATCH Electronic Whistle with Lanyard Adjustable, 3 Tone High Volume Electric Whistle for Referee Coaches, PE Teacher, Outdoor Camping Hiking and Boating Emergency Whistles (Black)
  • Don’t worry again about spreading bacteria and viruses, no mouth contact needed
  • Very loud compared to other whistles
  • Choose between 3 tones
  • Rugged and durable, made out of ABS plastic
  • Multi-purpose tool, designed for all sports, also outdoor use
  • Comes with batteries, a lanyard and a bag for carrying

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    ZHT Electronic Whistle 3-Tones Rechargeable Battery Whistle 2000mAh, Coaches Referee Whistle Button Whistle Handheld Whistle for Sports Training Pets Training Flash Light Camping Whistle. (Yellow)
  • Choose between yellow and black color
  • Avoid mouth contact
  • Has a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, recharge with a USB cable
  • No need to replace batteries
  • Made out of ABS plastic
  • Weighs only 80 grams
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • Multi-purpose tool

  • LuSitabqi Electronic Whistle Professional Multipurpose Sports Hygienic Whistle High Decibel Handheld Whistle with Lanyard for Referee Coaches P.E Teacher Training Outdoor Camping
  • Choose between 5 colors: red, blue, recharge black, recharge blue, recharge red, red
  • ABS shell and anti-split makes it very durable
  • 3 different tones to adapt to different environments
  • Simple button press activates the whistle, no mouth contact needed
  • Comes with a string lanyard and batteries

  • Electronic Whistle with Lanyard Loud and Sharp Sound Three Tones Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Team Sports
  • Control the volume with 3 tones
  • Multi-purpose tool, especially good for referring sports
  • Sound can be aimed in a specific direction
  • Comes with a lanyard and a bag for easy carry
  • Convenient in size, fits into pockets
  • Safe and hygienic because there is no mouth contact

  • Charlux Electronic Whistle for Referee Coach PE Teacher Pet Electric Blowless Whistle with Lanyard for Outdoor Games Sports Camping Hiking Boating Emergency 3 Tones High Volume Mouth Free (1 Pack)
  • Adjust volume with 3 tones
  • Great if you are wearing a mask, no need to whistle the traditional style anymore
  • Very loud, stress no longer
  • Made out of ABS plastic material
  • Comes with a carry pouch and a lanyard
  • Batteries are not included