TOP 10 Best Fog Machines 2022

TOP 10 Best Fog Machines 2022

Fog machines are a great tool to make your next party even better. They are easy to operate with, you control everything with a few buttons. Made from quality materials they are produced to last for a long time. They don’t produce toxic gas and have security overheating functions which makes them safe to use. Most are equipped with powerful LED lights and you can choose between many colors. They output fog from 2000 to 9000 (or even more) cubic feet per minute. Also, the fog travel distance is pretty far, up to 10 meters. Below we listed the top 10 best fog machines available to you right now.

Best Fog Machines

Smoke Machine, AGPTEK Fog Machine with 13 Colorful LED Lights Effect, 500W and 2000CFM Fog with 1 Wired Receiver and 2 Wireless Remote Controls, Perfect for Wedding, Halloween, Party and Stage Effect
  • The fog machine is powered by 500 watts
  • The maximum output power reach is 2000 cubic feet per minute
  • Max distance of the fog output is 2 to 3 meters
  • The duration is from 30 to 40 seconds
  • Doesn’t produce any toxic gas, safe to use
  • The fog machine only works under 110-130 volt
  • Comes with 2 remote controls, 1 to turn off/on, 1 to switch colors
  • Choose between 13 colors with RGB LED light effect
  • Made from quality iron and aluminum materials
  • Easy to use, doesn’t take long to warm up

Smoke Machine, Theefun 2500CFM Fog Machine with Wireless Remote Control, 6 Stage LED Lights 450W Halloween Fog Machine with 7 Colors & Strobe Effect for Wedding Party and Stage Effect
  • First use takes 2-3 minutes to warm up, after only 40 seconds
  • Powered by 500 watts
  • Blows out smoke 2500 cubic feet per minute, 9.8 feet far
  • Choose from 6 different LED lights
  • Control the fog machine from 10 meters away with a remote control
  • Automatically shuts down when the temperature is too high
  • Made out of aluminum materials, durable to last a long time

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    Upgraded Fog Machine with Continuous Fog, Fansteck Halloween Smoke Machine Professional Time Control One Key to Get 30S 60S 80S 3 Modes Continuous Spray, Wireless Control/Over Temperature Protection
  • 3 Autorun modes supported
  • Operate from a distance with a remote control
  • Automatically turns off when out of the fog
  • Automatically turns off when reaching the maximum temperature
  • Provides non-toxic fog, FCC, CE and ROHS certified
  • 300 ml fog tank for long non disturbed use
  • 2000 cubic feet per minute fog output, 2 to 3 meters far
  • 1-year warranty

  • CO-Z Heavy Duty Fog Smoke Effect Generator Machine, Stage Haze Atmosphere Maker Equipment 400W w/Remote Control for Halloween Christmas Wedding Party Light Effect
  • Powered by 400 watts
  • Heats up in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Use for 1 to 3 hours before the tank is empty
  • Very portable, lightweight and small
  • Operate from 9.8 feet away, with a cable connected to the remote control
  • CE and RoHS certified, made from quality ABS plastic materials, safe to use

  • Fog Machine, AGPtEK Automatic Spray Smoke Machine with Colorful LED Light Effect, Wireless and Wired Remotes with Preheating Light Indicator, Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Wedding & Stage, White
  • Automatic spray function supported.
  • Light and fog functions can be used separately
  • Works only under 110-130 volts
  • Many different colors to chose from, also 4-speed modes: fade, flash, smooth and strobe
  • 2000 cubic feet per minute fog output, 2 to 3 meters distance, lasts for 30 to 40 seconds
  • Preheating indicator light will tell you when the machine is ready to use
  • Comes with 3 remote controls: 1 black wireless remote control to turn the machine on and off
  • 1 black wired remote control to turn the machine on or off and 1 white remote control to turn on and off the lighting effects, as well as adjusting them


  • MOSFiATA Fog Machine with Controllable Lights, Continuously Spray 500W Professional DJ LED Smoke Machine 3 Color Light with Wireless Remote Control 2000 CFM Huge Fog for Halloween Holidays Parties
  • You can control the machine from 15 meters away
  • Powered by 500 watts
  • 2000 cubic feet per minute fog output, up to 3 meters in distance
  • 3 fog colors to choose from, red blue or green
  • CE, RoHS and FCC certified
  • Takes 2-4 minutes after adding smoke oil before it is ready

  • Fog Machine, Theefun 900W Smoke Machine with 4000CFM Fog, 6 Stage LED Lights with 7 Colors & Strobe Effect Hallowen Fog Machine-Wired and Wirelss Remote Control Fog Machine for Halloween Wedding Party
  • More powerful than most other fog machines
  • Powered by 900 watts
  • Only takes 15 seconds to preheat and it’s ready to use
  • 4000 cubic feet per minute fog output, up to 4 to 6 meters in distance
  • Unscented and undefiled fog
  • Choose between 6 colors
  • Control from 10 meters away with a wireless remote control
  • 1000 milliliter fog tank for long time use before refilling
  • Has a temperature control sensor, automatically turns off when reaching a certain temperature
  • Fuse protection turns the machine off if the voltage is overloaded

  • Fog Machine, Theefun 400W Smoke Machine with 2000CFM Fog, Wired and Wirelss Remote Control Fog Machine for Halloween Wedding Party and Stage Effect
  • Produces unscented fog with a 2000 cubic feet per minute output with a 2 to 3 meters distance
  • Wireless remote control, visible fluid level
  • The body is made out of aluminum
  • Produces non-toxic fog
  • Many different uses of the fog machine

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    Halloween Fog Machine with Lights – 3 Stage LED Lights with 12 Colors & Strobe Effect for Party Wedding Holiday Christmas – Fansteck 500W Upgraded Remote Portable Smoke Machine
  • The fog machine has 3 LED lights, 12 colors to choose from and 4 special effects
  • Comes with wireless remote controls which you can operate from 30 meters away
  • Powered by 500 watts
  • Takes 2 to 3 minutes to warm up
  • The fog output is 2500 cubic feet per minute, 3 to 5 meters in distance
  • FCC, CE and ROHS certified, provides non-toxic fog
  • The body is made from quality aluminum
  • The tank capacity is 300 milliliter

  • ADJ Products VF 1300 1300W Compact Value Fogger
  • Powered by 1300 watts
  • When the machine is low on fog fluid it will turn off to prevent overheating
  • 12000 cubic feet per minute fog output
  • The tank capacity is 2.3 liters
  • Designed for bigger events, powerful fog machine
  • Takes 7 minutes to warm up