10 Best Hemp Wick Products 2022

10 Best Hemp Wick Products 2022

If you like homemade candles, then having a quality hemp wick at your hand is important to make great quality products. It doesn’t matter if it is for yourself, for your business or meant as a gift for someone, it is always good to use high-quality materials for the best end product. There are a lot of different brands on the market that produce candlewick, but not many of them give you the consistent quality you wish for. Because of the huge saturated market with low-quality products, we decided to make a review of the 10 best hemp wick products currently on the market, personally rated by their users below.

Best Hemp Wick Products

Bee Wick Hemp Spool 420 feet of Organic Hemp Wick, Made with American Beeswax (1.0mm)
  • Great product made out of pure organic hemp and beeswax from the USA.
  • Every product is handmade, ensuring great quality for every single piece.
  • Can be ordered with more or less wax, depending on the customer’s wishes.
  • The brand offers a full refund if not satisfied with its product for any reason at all.
  • This hemp wick produces a lower temperature flame for a smoother experience.

EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick,200 FT Spool,Well Coated with Beeswax,Standard Size(1.0mm)
  • It consists of 100% organic hemp and beeswax.
  • It produces a lower temperature flame, making it a smoother choice than a butane lighter.
  • The hemp wick burns slower and doesn’t drip because of the wick being coated in beeswax.
  • Can be ordered in a thicker size.
  • It has a length of 200ft and a diameter of 1mm.

RAW Hemp Wick- Natural Unbleached Hemp & Beeswax Hempwick Roll 10ft / 3 Meters (Pack of 3 Premium 10 Foot Wicks)
  • This hemp wick is a good alternative for matches and butane lighters.
  • Made purely out of renewable resources, making it very eco-friendly.
  • The hemp used for this product is grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides.
  • A European product without any GMOs and chlorine. It is also vegan-friendly.

Bee Line Hemp Wick 200 FT Spool Regular Gauge
  • Made in Eastern Europe out of organic hemp, making it very eco-friendly.
  • The majority of the beeswax comes from Hawaii and is organic.
  • It provides you with a good smell, burn and is easy to put out.
  • It leaves very few ashes after burning out.
  • Has a great rating on Amazon and huge popularity overall.

Natural Hemp Wick Spool (800 FT) Natural Beeswax Coating | Slow Burn, Long-Lasting Refill | DIY Tea Lights, Candle Making, Tapers | Standard Dispenser Use | 1.0mm
  • This hemp wick has a diameter of 1mm and produces a slow, but long burn.
  • This product in particular is great for any homemade candles and arts.
  • By purchasing it, you get enough for at least a whole year of crafting.
  • The brand also has great customer service that helps you with all your questions.

Humboldt Organic Hemp Wick 50 Foot Roll Made with Organic Hemp and Pure Beeswax
  • The beeswax and hemp of this wick are 100% organic.
  • It is handmade in the USA, more accurately in California.
  • Offers a great solution to replace your butane lighter.
  • Provides you with a strong and slow-burning flame.

Toke Bomb 200ft Roll 100% Organic Hemp Wick Natural Beeswax Coating Lighter Spool (1mm Thickness)
  • This product offers 200 feet of hemp wick with a diameter of 1mm.
  • Made out of pure organic hemp, making it very eco-friendly.
  • The coating is also 100% all-natural beeswax.
  • A great choice for swapping your butane lighter with an alternative.

RAW Natural Unbleached Rolling Papers – Hemp & Beeswax Hempwick Roll 0 ft/3 Meters, Brown, 10 Foot, 1 Count
  • Made out of renewable resources, making it a great alternative to any butane lighter.
  • The wick is covered in beeswax and natural.
  • The hemp used for this wick is made without the use of pesticides or herbicides.
  • A vegan-friendly product made without using any GMOs.
  • A quality product made in Poland.

Hemp Wick Bundle Pack: 200 FT Beeline Hemp Roll + 1 Hemplights Hemp Wick Lighter (Green)
  • This product includes more than just 1 item.
  • You get 200 ft of hemp wick, all rolled in a convenient ball.
  • A USA product.
  • With it, you get 2 lighters to easily light up your hemp wick.
  • Available in 2 color combinations. Click on the item icon to see available colors.

Sky High 100% Organic European Hemp Wick with Natural USA Beeswax Coating – Bulk Spool 750ft x 1mm Standard Size
  • A bulk of 750ft hemp wick that will last you for a long time.
  • The hemp is made in Europe and is organic.
  • The beeswax used for coating the wick comes from the USA.
  • A great natural way to enjoy burning wick. Either for candles or other uses.