10 Best Algaecides 2022

10 Best Algaecides 2022

If you own a pool then you know how frustrating it is when algae start to form in it. Not only does it look disgusting, but also many times gives off an unpleasant odor, depending on how much algae has formed in it. There can’t be any pool parties or swimming in the pool while it’s not completely clean and clear. At such times you start to wonder why you even bought a pool in the first place if you have to keep it covered when people come over. There is always a solution for that, though. It is called algaecide! It can be purchased in many forms, different shapes, sizes and contents. If you don’t want to keep checking the quality of the water all the time, then perhaps buying a product that lasts longer would be a good idea. A lot of people also support the idea that these kinds of products should always be without any chemicals. To make your search easier, we made a review of the 10 best algaecides currently on the market that were personally rated by their users on Amazon.

Best Algaecides

API POND ALGAEFIX Algae Control 1-Gallon Bottle
  • The product contains 1 pound of algaecide and can treat up to 38,400 gallons of water.
  • Helps against already grown algae and prevents them effectively from forming again.
  • Is very effective on many types of algae.
  • Is one of the best algaecides for pools and ponds.
  • Doesn’t harm any fish or other wildlife.
  • Currently a bestseller on Amazon.

Pool RX 101001 6 Month Algaecide Blue Treats 7.5k-20k gallons, Single, Unit
  • An effective method to protect your pool for up to 6 months.
  • A great defense against all types of algae, making this one of the best algaecides available.
  • It gives your water great clarity.
  • Has been purchased several thousand times and retained an almost perfect rating on Amazon.

Clorox Pool&Spa Green Algae Eliminator2 32 oz
  • Can be used in any type of pool, giving it multifunctionality like not many of its competitors.
  • Is effective in killing algae and preventing them from regrowing.
  • When poured into the water it doesn’t foam.
  • Starts working very quickly for a fast end-result.

HTH 67032 Super Algae Guard Swimming Pool Algaecide Cleanser, 1 qt
  • Great against all types of algae, making this one of the best algaecides available.
  • It can also be used in saltwater pools.
  • It dissolves fast, doesn’t foam and allows you to swim in the pool 15 minutes after adding it to the water.
  • Has a great rating on Amazon and huge popularity among many people.

EasyCare FounTec Algaecide and Clarifier, 8 oz. Bottle
  • One of the best algaecides for ponds and fountains.
  • Doesn’t harm animals or plants in its vicinity.
  • Isn’t safe for fish!
  • It is also a great measurement for protection against mosquitoes.
  • Comes in an 8-ounce bottle.

Applied Biochemists 406104A Swimtrine Plus Swimming Pool Algae & Deposit Control, 1 gal
  • A great product against green and mustard algae.
  • The formula doesn’t foam and contains 9.3% copper.
  • It effectively prevents algae from forming again.
  • You get 1 gallon by purchasing this product.

BioGuard Algae All 60 – Quart
  • Can be used in pools with chlorine or bromine in them.
  • Effectively stops algae growth to ensure crystal clear water.
  • A great choice for pools that have spas or fountains attached to them.
  • It doesn’t change the pH of your pool’s water.

Fountec Fountain Algaecide Clarifier, 64 Ounce
  • It is promised to effectively work fast and doesn’t need any additional chlorine.
  • Provides a great answer against all types of algae in all types of water, making it one of the best algaecides currently on the market.
  • This product contains 64 ounces of protection against algae and can treat up to 2400 gallons of water.
  • Promises to make the water crystal clear.

Bio-Dex Fast Acting Pool Algaecide Skill-It 32oz. SK132
  • A great product for most types of algae.
  • This 50% concentration can be directly applied to the water.
  • The formula was designed to not cause any staining.
  • A great choice for instantly removing algae from your pool.

API ALGAEFIX Algae Control 8-Ounce Bottle
  • A great choice for controlling algae growth in aquariums.
  • If you need a fast-acting product to make your water clear again, this is the right product for you.
  • Effective on green, string or hair algae.
  • Doesn’t harm fish or plants if used as suggested.
  • One of the bestsellers currently on the market.